Underground Techno Producer and DJ


Live and DJ sets can be found here: https://hearthis.at/lencen/#sets


Mental Underground Techno by DaNille and Lencen

MC05 released 28 May 2024

MC04 released 27 October 2023

MC03 released 12 March 2023

MC02 released 4 February 2022

MC01 released 1 January 2022


Grown up in Upper Lusatia (East Saxony), he started to buy his first records and produce his first own tracks in 2004. In the following years he played until today on various underground parties as a DJ (preferably Hardcore, Breakcore and Speedcore) or live with his favorite styles Tribecore and Frenchcore. In 2008 he founded the underground music project and soundsystem "Speedhardbreak" with Botzki. In 2015, he began producing underground techno and collaborating with DaNille (formerly Teksas) under the name Mentalcooking. The first official single of Mentalcooking was released in early 2022.